The MCC aims provide information and support for investigators who are interested in using marmosets in their research. To this end, we have gathered to the most relevant and high-quality resources in one place. These include curated resources from NHP and/or marmoset consortia and primate centers, data tools and more.

curated marmoset and NHP resources 


The MWG works to strengthen communications, leverage system-wide resources, and facilitate sharing of information and best practices across US institutions housing common marmosets. The full group meets on the first Friday of the month at 2:00 PM Eastern. 

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The PIN provides valuable resources about NHPs - including marmosets - in research, education and conservation. It is curated by the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, but is comprised on thousands of individuals working with NHPs.

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MARMOHUB.ORG arose out of a community consortium for supporting the use of marmosets in biomedical research. The page provides information on relevant meetings, whitepapers and other resources.

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data tools for marmoset neuroscience research

The marmoset brain connectivity atlas's immediate aim is to create a systematic, publicly available digital repository for data on the connections between different cortical areas, in a primate species.

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Brain/MINDS is a national project started by Japan in 2014 that aims to develop novel, cutting-edge technologies that support brain mapping, with a special focus on building a multiscale structural and functional marmoset brain map.

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The marmoset gene atlas's aim is to establish a genome-wide, high-resolution atlas of gene expression throughout the common marmoset brain using in situ hybridization analysis.

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The Marmoset Brain Mapping Project was launched in 2016 to build comprehensive brain atlases and tools to facilitate neuroimaging and translational studies.

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The Marmoset Genome Sequencing Consortium is a collaboration between the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center and the Genome Institute at Washington University (St. Louis, MO). A female marmoset selected from SNPRC serves as the reference animal and other individuals have also been sequenced to provide information about with-in species genetic variation.

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The Marmoset Brain Connectome is an open access resource that allows for online viewing and download of MRI data in fully awake marmosets. Using the website portal, users can instantaneously view, manipulate, and download any whole-brain functional connectivity topology along with the raw datasets and preprocessing code.

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other marmoset resources

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